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Giorgio Signorile : Life in a Castle -9 easy pieces in the olden style ; Ut Orpheus

Giorgio Signorile

Ut Orpheus : 12 pages

Having seen dozens of wonderful pieces from this talented writer, from very easy to really difficult and in lots of musical styles I can say that I have yet to find something by him that I didn’t really enjoy playing.

This latest set of 9 short pieces is written as if from the Middle Ages to Renaissance. There is plenty of variety , ranging from the opening Circle Dance and Am 6/8 gigue – like piece in 2 voices with a captivating little melody and a solid bass – line to the chord based A Royal Banquet set in Common time in A Major to a quirky Unicorn Dance , another Am 6/8 piece, but utterly different from the other one.

The writer takes great care not to make anything hereto complex, and therefore it is ideal material for a student, who wants something fun and new, and therefore not full of obvious harmonies and predictable melodies. This set is certainly not that, and I can really recommend it as a great little set to invest in!

Chris Dumigan

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