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Bart Aerts:Idylle

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Bart Aerts

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

Belgian – born Aerts is a new name to me. This latest piece is one of two currently published by D’Oz. It is set in D with a dropped D 6th to give a resonant effect in chords of the home key. The Idylle is an Allegro Moderato in three – four time and the immediate effect is one of warmth and emotion in the writing, with a friendly melody set first in the lower register before climbing gradually onto string one and up the fingerboard. The chords that accompany the melody are wide spread and not too easy to negotiate for a while, so this piece is one I would say is moderately difficult throughout. There is one mistake at bar 18 and its repeat on bar 75, wherein it is difficult to say whether the fingering or the actual chord itself is wrong. The chord, a D Major is written with a top D, at fret 10, with an A and an F# below, but yet the top note is fingered with a 4, which is nigh impossible, so should the chord be on fret 7, with an F# and a D on string 3, and then a top D with a 4, followed by a C# using a 3rd finger, or is the chord correct and the 4th finger indication wrong. You’ll have to make your minds up yourselves on that one! Regardless of that, which is easily corrected, the chords change quite quickly and so care needs to be taken to make it all sound legato. At bar 30, the key changes to D minor and a Piu Mosso heralds in a quaver driven arpeggio section which again is not too easy until one can negotiate the arpeggios seamlessly. A Poco Rit. brings about a return to the opening key and speed and the first theme for one more time before a slightly acidic coda ending on an altered D major chord.

This is a pleasant piece, not very long, with some portions that make it definitely not for the beginner. It has a warm feeling to it, and its romantic style will please many players .

Chris Dumigan

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