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J.S.Bach : arr. Andrea De Vitis : Fantasia BWV 917: DOz

J.S. Bach arranged by Andrea De Vitis

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

This quite short , but eventful little piece of early Bach has an instruction that I have never seen before in any publication. It was so unusual that when I saw that the arranger had produced a video of him playing it on YouTube, I waited to see exactly what he would do, and seven times in the video when requiring the 12th fret harmonic of string 6, he did in fact use his nose to play it, as the score instructed. Well, that’s a first for me!

The piece itself is very clever and typical Bach in that there are parts constantly on the move, and plenty of interesting harmonies and musical ideas to keep you involved (and keep you busy, because it is, as with most Bach, definitely not an easy option!)

Of course the piece moves all over the fingerboard, as one might expect, and so all the part – writing is interesting and simply great music to play, but needs a very good player to do it full justice .Finally at the coda there is a fast semi – quaver run to a Perfect Cadence. So as long as your nose can cope with playing a 12th fret harmonic seven times, and you like Bach, this piece is really worth getting!

Chris Dumigan

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