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J.S. Bach : arr. Duo Gruber – Maklar : 2 Preludes BWV 878 , 867 for 2 guitars :Doberman - Yppan

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

J.S. Bach: arr. Duo Gruber – Maklar

Doberman – Yppan: score and separate parts (8, 4, and 4 pages respectively)

Both these arrangements are, of course, from Bach’s Well – Tempered Clavier, 2 sets of 24 preludes and fugues in all the keys.

The first, set in its original key of E Major, is from the 2nd book of 24, and consists largely of several suspensions, across the harmonic lines in both parts interspersed with little runs of semi – quavers, and set in three separate voices over the two guitars. The parts are quite advanced but not too difficult, as long as the players have a good knowledge of the entire fingerboard and can effortlessly move around from the very bottom, to the very top of string one. The piece itself is set in two parts , both of which are to be repeated.

The second one, set in Gm, but originally in the very unfriendly guitar key of Bbm, is an absolute gem of a piece, with its beautifully dissonant harmonies that really add to the emotion of the piece. From the 1st book of 24, the second guitar has a dropped D 6th, and the slow steady moving of the voices (never does either guitar have just one line, but 2, and at the close 3) makes this a wonderful piece for guitar that is a fair bit easier than its companion piece, although neither is too difficult, and would suit a reasonably talented duo.

I hope that this is not the end! I would love to see more of these done by the duo, and I can therefore heartily recommend this fine publication. Bach really sounds totally natural on our instrument when arranged as aptly as this.

Chris Dumigan

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