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Jakob Lindberg : Italian Virtuosi of the Chitarrone : CD

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

KAPSBERGER: from Book I (Arpeggiata) and Book 4: Arpeggiata; Canzona 1; Bergamasca;Canario;Passacaglia; from Book 3:Toccata VII; Gagliarda con due Partite; Corrente 1 con Partita ; from Book 4: Preludio V; Capona; Colascione ; Toccata VII: CASTALDI:Fantasia detta Pegasea: Arpesca Gagliarda; Cecchina Corrente; Arpeggiata a mio modo; Cromatica corrente;La Follia; Furiosa corrente: PICCININI: Toccata Cromatica;Romanesca con Partite Variate; Corrente 1;Toccata X111; Partite variate sopra la Folia aria romanesca; Aria Di Fiorenze; Corrente II:

Jakob Lindberg

BIS: 1899-CD

The Chitarrone is an amazing instrument !Its overall length (upwards of 160 cm) and great number of strings (up to 16 courses) makes it one of the more spectacular instruments of the early baroque. It was first developed as a bass lute in order to accompany singing and recitative but also enjoyed a short-lived but rich flowering as a solo instrument, and the three virtuosi in this set of recordings all contributed greatly, as performers as well as composers. Between 1604 and 1640, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger (also known as Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger), Alessandro Piccinini and Bellerofonte Castaldi published a number of collections of chitarrone music, from which Jakob Lindberg has chosen some favourite dances, arias, toccatas and passacaglias. Combined on this recording into seven suites, they provide rich opportunity to enjoy the particular timbre and the special playing techniques of this splendid instrument. Jakob Lindberg has a long-standing interest in the many varieties of lutes, including lute mandorée, orpharion and archlute, and so if you have never heard one of these fabulous instruments, then now here is your chance.

It would be churlish to try and pick out any piece, when there are no less than 27 tracks on this ground- breaking CD but the depth of the bass notes and the virtuosity of the writing (and of course Lindberg’s playing!) really show through in this marvelous recital, and as such I can really recommend this as one to go out and purchase! Wonderful!

Chris Dumigan

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