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Joep Wanders :Best of Easy Guitar : Favourite selection of the books by J. W:Broekmans & Van Poppel

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Joep Wanders

Broekmans & Van Poppel: 32 pages

Over the years Wanders has produced myriads of different books , many of which exist solely to help players to improve their technique and knowledge, and this latest collection is the composer’s own ‘ best of !’

These 21 pieces are either composed by Wanders , or arranged by him and begin with a very simple Waltz, in two voices , a very easy top melody and long open string bass notes, the idea being to give even the most basic pupil a chance to play something classical in style. Nothing goes past the 3rd fret, similarly with the following piece a Jig, this time with one or two fretted bass notes, and with a slightly more complex rhythm. Then the pieces get gradually more complex, although it is in little steps, along the way providing a second guitar part for two pieces, Chicago Blues and Hungarian Dance. By the time you are halfway through the pieces have chords and the styles are varied and interesting and fun to play, and finish with Pequeno (Soleares), and a traditional piece Dulaman, a gig – like tune in A Major.

Altogether this is a fine book, and any budding guitarist, who perhaps doesn’t want to play easy Sor, or the such – like will get great benefit from playing music that is immediately a bit more fun to get your fingers around, and moreover as a book to supplement a tutor book, it does its job perfectly.

Chris Dumigan

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