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Joop Biegelaar  :  To My Heart’s Content : Bergmann

Joop Biegelaar

Bergmann Edition: 43 pages


Dutch – born Joop Biegelaar has had his musical hands in all sorts of different styles of guitar over the decades, and this latest book is a good example of his work, and also of how varied the music within it is, for here we find no less than 31 pieces, all relatively short, some of which, in his own words, ‘are easy, others moderate but none of them too difficult’. Henceforth he estimates that guitar teachers will find this collection useful for their pupils who want something a little different but in a variety of musical styles, such as folk, blues, jazz and classical itself, with, and again in his own words’ some that seem a bit strange, but to each his own!’

Space does not permit me to mention all 31 pieces individually but suffice it to say that they are extremely varied, form slowish two voiced ideas like Musing to pieces with a number of different time signatures, again in two simple voices like Biternair, to folk – influenced items  such as Hopscoth, or Renaissance influenced works like Crinoline.

There are a few that seem a little short, in my humble opinion, and that just stop, leaving you a little non- plussed, but that is in the minority, and to be honest it would be extremely difficult to buy of book of 31 pieces and not find a small few that you didn’t really take to. Such is this book here. I found it very useful, definitely one for a player who was a little fed up with just 19th Century works, and wanted something a little more interesting to play, and so I can say that this book is certainly one to consider as an option for you, or your pupils.


Chris Dumigan

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