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Juritz Ogden Hugh : Bach Goldberg Variations : CD

BACH: Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Craig Ogden (Guitar), David Juritz (Violin), and Tim Hugh (Cello)

Nimbus Alliance: B08VM1KN56


This marathon piece is perhaps Bach’s greatest work for keyboard, consisting of an Aria, thirty variations and the Aria da Capo to close, and all with a duration of 79 minutes. Indeed there is that much going on in the original keyboard version that at times it does feel like you need three people to play it! And here it is!

It is obvious from the start that the beautiful opening Aria is in fine hands on this recording, for the violin and cello add a great deal to the sound of the fine guitar playing of Craig Ogden. After the gentle opening of the Aria, things pick up considerably with the 1st Variation where the arrangement really begins to take off. The second variation is more sedate and gently goes on its way, with the melodies being passed between all three players constantly. From then on each variation offers something new including nine variations being canons, each of a different interval from the unison up to the ninth, and every interval in-between. Indeed, if there is anyone completely new to this work, I(and there may well be!) almost every possible variation style that you could think of  as being appropriate in the Baroque era, is here for all to see and hear.

It certainly makes for some wonderful listening and you can rely on these three fine performers to do a superb job, and so if this idea appeals to you, I can only say that you definitely won’t be disappointed.


Chris Dumigan  

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