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Kacha Metreveli : Impromptu

Kacha Metreveli

Edition Margaux: 8 pages

This piece is in swing rhythm for much of the time, with the usual instruction above the start saying two straight quavers are equal to a triplet of quavers where the first two are as if a crotchet. There is a middle section where you are to play straight quavers for sixteen bars before the swing rhythm returns.

The main style of this piece is a blues. It has an introduction that sets the standard for the whole piece, as it is full of slurs, hammer- ons and pull-offs often in a continuous string of semi-quavers, which really cranks up the difficulty factor right from the outset. After this very tricky opening, the main theme, marked Allegretto Molto Ritmico takes over, but in the same style as previous, and with a huge portion of syncopations the piece almost feels as if the writer has written down a very tricky blues solo by Eric Clapton, or someone similar, harmonised a little and added the percussion and harmonics to make this piece. It is THAT difficult! Not that , when it is under your fingers it wouldn’t sound stupendous, because it absolutely would, but it would take some work to get it flowing as effortlessly as it no doubt needs.

The main thing however is that the solo is a phenomenal piece of writing that really captures the essence of the blues/rock style and if you are a player that likes that style and you have really strong technique this piece is quite a challenge, but well worth it .In concert this could be tremendous to see and hear.

Chris Dumigan

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