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Lawrence McDonald : The Conservatory Tutor Volume 2 : Bergmann

Lawrence McDonald

Bergmann Edition : 48 pages

This follows on from my previous review of Volume 1, the CD of which also includes all the items from Volume 2 as well.

Having mastered Volume 1 , and you turn to this next ( and as far as I know final volume ) you find that it begins with the notes on the lower three strings , thus continuing seamlessly from Volume 1 .As before there are a multitude of pictures and diagrams to assist in any way that you might need. Before the book continues there is a review of three areas, the Mechanical/Technical, Musicianship, and Style. Then the writer covers Right Hand Arpeggios in all its many and varied forms before going on to Chord Building and all the many areas that can be problematic. He goes into great detail in this section and I have not read some of his comments in any other tutor books I have come across.

The final section , Part 6 is the Etudes which is again full of very useful observations as well as introducing a number of his own pieces .The final appendix has three nineteenth century works by Sor and Carulli which continue the work from the previous pages.

And there the volume ends. After that , with the knowledge gained the player should be able to then go and pick up some music of a similar difficulty and start to build up his playing techniques without getting into any difficulties.

This volume is extremely detailed in its tutoring and I can see that this and its companion Volume 1 are certainly very useful books that many a player will get much help from

Chris Dumigan

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