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Yvon Demillac :Les Deux Iles : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Yvon Demillac

Les Productions D’Oz: 3 pages

Yvon Demillac’s music is often concerned with the sea and its surrounding land, and indeed many of his guitar pieces that I have seen previously fit into that category. This pair of pieces is intermediate in difficulty only.

L’ile Nord is in 7/8 with an instruction of 126 beats a minute, and opens with a group of 3, and then 4 quavers with the 3rd tied over the 4th and a gradual descending bass line in what turns out to be an introduction into a Memo Mosso 3 / 4 D Major theme which the composer has set on the second string and involving friendly harmonies that sometimes involve the open 1st string above. Therefore some of the fingerings are individual and not, at first glance, what you might assume. The opening tempo and time signature return then , but remaining in D Major in what is essentially a Major key variation of the opening theme, before the Meno Mosso returns , this time in 4/4 whereupon a rising set of natural harmonics leads to the coda with a serious chordal conclusion.

The second piece, L’ile Sud is faster at 144 quavers a minute, but largely written in semi – quavers .The opening Bm arpeggio idea set in 4/8 leads to a 3/8 , almost waltz idea, that suddenly dives into Gm, and then G Major, before finally returning to Bm for a variant on the opening Bm arpeggio theme. The piece finally closes on a B Major chord.

This set is light, and airy, not too difficult and will be fine for anyone who likes friendly harmonies and melodies.

Chris Dumigan

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