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Fabrice Pierrat :Lever Du Jour A Paramana : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Lever du Jour A Paramana

Fabrice Pierrat

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

Reviewed 6th June 2019

This French composer has written a number of works that are based on musical styles from South America, Guyana, and the Caribbean before so this latest work is a very catchy and vibrant piece named after a place in Papua New Guinea. It is written in a mixture of 6/8 and 3 /4 time and constantly veers from one to the other in a familiar way that many will recognize from the style of the music. It begins with a catchy melody that rises up an arpeggiated A chord to form sixths that rise and fall with an ever – moving bass line underneath. The music constantly shifts from one harmony to the next and although it falls very guitaristically under the fingers, one has to be a decent player to begin with to cope with it. After a repeat of the main idea a new theme enters in a contrasting key, but still keeping the moving sixths up. Again a repeat brings a middle section in D Major where the style is a little more melodic and less reliant on rhythm, after which a Da Capo brings one back to the main theme for one more play through before a brief coda on an A Major 7 chord.

This is one of those pieces whose melody will stay with you for ages afterwards. It is very cleverly written, with imaginative writing and harmonies, and this would be ideal for a recital, as players and audiences alike will love it.

Chris Dumigan

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