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Luc Levesque : Berceuse for four guitars: DOz

Luc Levesque

Les Productions D’Oz; Score and separate parts (4, 1, 1, 1, and 1 pages respectively)

This short but endearing little piece for 4 guitars or an ensemble in four parts is a mere 62 bars long and playable by moderate players throughout. It is a lovely gentle piece of writing that is a Largo in E Major with every part simple but effective.

Its 3 /4 rhythm rocks gently from side to side as if the baby is in a cradle, and the part writing between the guitars is nicely done, and always pleasing to hear and play.

There is a beautiful recording done, which is available on YouTube where, interestingly they have decided to put in a repeat at bar 46, back to the start, that is not on the manuscript, but actually works very well, and does make the piece a little under 5 minutes long now, a factor worth considering should any players want to programme it in a concert, as indeed, it is here on this YouTube recording.

This is a nice piece, worth playing, and worth listening to, that many will love!

Chris Dumigan

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