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Raffaele Carpino:CD:Luigi Legnani : Guitar Works

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Luigi Legnani Guitar Works

Raffaele Carpino

Tactus: TC791201

Reviewed 12th March 2018

A full sixty – two minutes of Legnani is possibly a new experience to many readers because although he wrote 250 Opus numbers the vast majority of them are not well-known.Not only that but this recording makes the claim, (that I unable to substantiate, but I have no reason to disbelieve it) that five of the six works played here are first recordings, all played from nineteenth century scores with all the repeats respected, in order to be as faithful as possible.

Scherzo Opus 10 opens the recital published in 1825, and is a theme, four variations and a coda, It is virtuosic but retaining a certain stylish quality throughout.

Pot – Pourri Brillant Op31 is in four movements and is both lively and tasteful at the same time, and so nowhere do you feel that the acrobatics are empty and flashy as one can so often find with other composers of this period.

Similar in conception and style is the following piece, and the next opus (32), a Pot – Pourri en Caprice, but this time in six movements. It has a beguiling opening Andante Mosso and, unusually, a Recitativo in the fourth movement. This would make an excellent recital piece.

Quatro Lezioni (WoO), are graceful and inventive throughout whilst the Tre Balli Nazionali (WoO) formed of three dances , La Mazurka, La Gitana, and La Cachucha, are melodic and lots of fun.

The Sei Capriccetti (Op250) close a fascinating and imaginative recital of lovely music beautifully played.

Chris Dumigan

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