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Jean – Marie Raymonde :Ma Fille: DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Ma Fille

Jean – Marie Raymonde

Les Productions D’Oz: 7 pages

Reviewed 6th June 2019

Raymonde is a seasoned writer of a melodic and emotional, almost old – fashioned style of writing that is very popular and always beautifully written.

This latest piece, dedicated to his daughter is a gorgeous waltz, that has quite a number of elements that take it out of the ordinary, firstly a complex theme with some interesting harmonic elements and secondly an extended style of writing that means that this is not just the sort of waltz that falls under the guitarists’ hands easily and is very predictable. This piece is most definitely not that.

After a moving introduction marked Preludio Espressivo in Alla Breve time consisting of a rocking quaver movement, the Dm waltz begins properly at bar 17.It does begin with the standard bass note, followed by two chords accompaniment over a long held tune note, but that quickly evaporates into a piece that has extra inner voices, moving in shorter note values, and with some nicely unexpected harmonies that fit really well. The finger work travels quite considerably over the guitar’s length so therefore some parts are not too easy but players of a certain standard will appreciate the subtleties of the writing.

There is a 36 bar middle section in the tonic major that lightens the mood a little, before the minor key returns for a final statement and a brief coda.

Once again a lovely work from this French guitarist who has brought us so many lovely works for our instrument. Highly recommended!

Chris Dumigan

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