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Marco Pereira : Brazilian Guitar Music

Brazilian Guitar Music by Marco Pereira

Marius Noss Gundersen

Gvito Records: GVR002CD

Reviewed 17th July 2019

Although Norwegian born Gundersen has produced a number of recordings this is the first I have come across. Here he has chosen one composer’s works, the Brazilian Marco Pereira, a widely published writer some of whose works I have seen.

There are fourteen tracks here, all of them new to me. Pereira is a writer whose music never sounds hackneyed, but fits effortlessly onto the guitar yet constantly keeps the attention, as in the opening track Estrela da Manha (Morning Star). It sounds easy on the ear, but certainly not on the fingers, as its flowing movement traverses many different chords and figurations which are far from easy. The fast dance based Bate – Coxa is next and, apart from the melodic interest, has a particular technique in the chorus where the arpeggio motif and the bass pattern require great independence in the right –hand. Sambadulu, originally for guitar and voice is a finger- twisting recklessly – paced piece whilst Irene, a choro – cancao is slow and lyrical and dedicated to Pereira’s late mother .It has a wonderful set of harmonies underneath a lovely haunting melody line. A set of four pieces dedicated to his daughter O Choro de Juliana are contrasting dances (Miculom, Chamego, Pixula, and Sarara) and make a lovely set full of dancing rhythms and colorful harmonies, whilst the more extended Rapsodia dos Malacos shows a more serious side to his writing. Another four – piece set Perequetes, and the final Baiao Cansado close what is a superbly recorded and played programme of beautiful music.

Chris Dumigan

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