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Marianne Vedral  : Summer Memories : Bergmann

Marianne Vedral

Bergmann Edition: 12 pages


 Austrian guitarist /composer Vedral is known for her friendly, melodic and well – written works, many of which are published here in Bergmann Edition. Here are three pieces written for the moderate guitarist who likes his harmonies warm, and his melodies tuneful and always nice to get his fingers around.

Floating Umbrellas is a 4/4 G Major piece with a middle section in the relative minor. It flows nicely along with two and sometimes three voices and an almost constant flow of notes that are gentle and yet not too obvious. There are one or two excursions into the higher positions but nothing too difficult for a decent player.

Romanze is an E minor 6/8 piece with again a nice melody and just enough individual touches not to make it something you think you have played before. Again one or two jumps into the higher frets are well done and not too difficult, and again this is a friendly and pleasant piece.

The final piece is the title of the book, and relies on some almost Latin, off – beat chordal rhythms interspersed with moments of single note melody for its effect. Slightly harder than the other two, it is on the move the whole time and so a little care and attention is needed in one or two areas, but otherwise it makes for a fine and convincing conclusion to what is a lovely trio of pieces that most players will enjoy trying out. I’d like to see more of her works if this is the typical way she writes!



Chris Dumigan

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