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Michel Dalle Ave : Bouca Duo for two guitars : DOz

Michel Dalle Ave

Les Productions D’Oz: Score and separate parts (4, 2, and 2 pages respectively)

French guitar composer Michel Dalle Ave has written many works which do cross the musical borders , from classical to jazz, to folk, to baroque, and to South – American at times, which always makes his writing very interesting to get to know.

This little piece, in Am, of only 57 bars , is brief but very musical and really moves along at a pace of 164 crotchets a minute .It has a very friendly style of harmony, and the melodies are bouncy and fun to play

It begins on guitar 2 with a little riff, topped by an offbeat chord. Following a momentary pause on a long chord, guitar one enters with a fun melody which after a repeat of that first sequence, swaps over with guitar 2, so that both players get the melody. This slightly longer section then takes the players into new ideas before itself is repeated .The final part is a varied repeat of the opening and everything finishes in a friendly and pleasant fashion, where nothing is very difficult for the performers , even though they do have to keep the pace going rather fast.

This is a nice piece, not very long, and one which would make a lovely piece in a concert for any decent duo. Recommended.

Chris Dumigan

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