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Michel Dalle Ave : L’Ile Madame: DOz

Michel Dalle Ave

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

French Composer/guitarist Michel Dalle Ave has his musical fingers in many different styles of music including Latin, Baroque, finger – style Jazz, and Folk to name but four. Here he has produced a very effectively melodic piece of writing with a tune that sticks with you, and a sort of motto theme that is quite different to others, and yet is very memorable and lots of fun.

Set in 4/4 in Em it opens with the two bar motto before the main theme enters with a tune that could come from a popular song, it’s that pretty. Most of the writing is quaver driven and in two voices mostly and plenty of variety within to keep the player interested throughout. Moreover it is moderately difficult only, and I would think that many players who are reasonably good, would be able to cope with its complexities.

At only 55 bars length (90 including the repeat) it is relatively short, and friendly from start to finish, and yet manages throughout to be just different enough, not to make you find anything derivative

I loved this little piece, which I think would go well in a concert, and therefore I can say that this piece is well worth getting your fingers around!

Chris Dumigan

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