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Michel Dalle Ave : Souvenir de Temeni :DOz

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Michel Dalle Ave

Les Productions D’Oz : 2 pages

This is a gentle little piece written by a French composer, and set in an arpeggio- almost folk – based style in D. Its main melody is an easily tuneful one and immediately gives the player the feeling that he knows where the piece is going because it does remind one a little of the sort of music played by Ralph McTell, and other similar folk singer/songwriters.

The second section beginning at bar 17 was as good as the opening one but was a little more unexpected in places and so held one’s attention throughout. It has a couple of slightly unusual fingerings but as they were carefully fingered, then whole piece wasn’t very hard to play. It is a short piece only 2 or 3 minutes in total but a nice tuneful one that is fine for the moderate player.

Chris Dumigan

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