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Michel Dalle Ave : Valse pour Clelia : DOz

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Michel Dalle Ave

Les Productions D’Oz : 3 pages

This is the second of four pieces I have received from this French composer and this tender little waltz, dedicated to his little daughter, is gentle and almost sad in its tenderness. It begins on a phrase that occurs four times in the piece based on a mixture of natural and artificial harmonics. It is set in the key of G major and although it is in the framework of an archetypical waltz it manages to be fresh and engaging at the same time.

As in his previous piece there are a couple of moments when he moves harmonically into an unexpected place that catches you out but this only makes it all the more fun to play. It is not more than moderate in its difficulty , for there are a few barres here and there and the harmonic opening needs a few practices to get it smooth and natural sounding , but that is all.

This is a pleasant piece that many players will enjoy.

Chris Dumigan

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