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Michel Dalle Ave : Valse pour Maena : DOz

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Michel Dalle Ave

Les Productions D’Oz : 4 pages

This French composer’s works are often melodic and immediately accessible, and this latest work dedicated to another of his daughters is no exception. This waltz has an almost easy jazz like feel to some of its harmonies and some of the chromatic notes just add to that jazz – like feeling. As before there are parts where the fingering is important to get the sound the composer requires and generally this little 4 minute piece is perhaps the hardest of the four I have recently seen, but even now it is still available to a moderately decent player. The warmth of the piece comes through really well, and the sadness of much of the writing is never far from the surface either.

This is a lovely piece with one or two moments that stretch the smaller hands a bit, but that said, this is an enjoyable and friendly piece that many will enjoy getting their hands and ears around!

Chris Dumigan

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