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Nigel Tuffs : Beginning Classical Guitar : Faber

Nigel Tuffs

Faber Music: 48 pages

This is the latest book in considerable line of tutor books for the absolute beginner on the classical guitar. The main aim of this book is to teach the student how to tread music from the start, and then gradually goes through all the necessary elements that a player would need to get a decent technique under his/her fingers. Aimed also at the professional teacher, the book covers all the relevant technique and musical elements necessary to be able to take Grade 1 (elementary level) across all the major examination boards, and also audio of the entire book is available on the internet or using a QR code.

Absolutely everything that you would want to know is covered, from the names of all the parts of a guitar, to the sitting position, the tuning, playing rest stroke and then one string at a time, getting used to playing and reading all the different notes and techniques gradually at your own pace.

This book seems very good at how it covers everything, and certainly I have seen a lot worse with some other tutor books, and therefore I can only say that if you, or a pupil of yours is about to start playing classical , you might find this little volume extremely useful .

Chris Dumigan

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