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Nora Buschmann : Ritmos Do Brasil : CD

AGUIRRE: Baiao ; VILLA – LOBOS: Valsa – Choro; Mazurka – Choro; Prelude Nos 1, and 5: BADEN POWELL: Valsa Sem Nome; Chara: ZELLER: Otra : DILERMANDO REIS: Eterna Saudade; Se Ela Perguntar: PERNAMBUCO: Sons de Carrilhoes: JOBIM (Arr Roland Dyens ) Felicidade: GAROTO: Jorge de Fusa: PIXINGUINHA: Sensivel: AZEVADO: Queira – me Bem.

Nora Buschmann / Ricardo Moyano (tracks 14 and 15)

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Here is a justly popular sequence of some of the most well-loved Latin guitar pieces, together with a small handful that you might just not have come across. Carlos Aguirre was a singer from the Argentine, and here his fast and very restless piece Baiao provides a wonderful beginning to the CD, and immediately shows us how good a guitarist Nora Buschmann is. The Villa Lobos pairing that follows are very famous pieces from his Suite Populaire Bresilienne that just about every classical guitarist must have tried at some time or other. Once heard never forgotten, is the best way to describe these pieces. Baden Powell’s very Brazilian styled music is beautifully harmonised and his Valse Sen Nome is lovely in its emotions and a gentle piece to play and in direct contrast to the lively Chara that follows. Zeller’s name was new to me and his Otra is modern but interesting and with lots of fun moments. Then we hear two of the most famous guitar pieces ever written , the Villa Lobos Preludes Nos 1 and 5 which surely must be in the majority of guitar lovers CD collections ( and probably their sheet music one too!).Dilermando Reis is another famous name on the guitar and his many works are beautiful and unforgettable and as with all the other pieces on this Cd Nora really does them justice. Then there follows one of the guitar’s most well respected Latin pieces Pernambuco’s Sons de Carrilhoes, a wonderful melody and set of harmonies that if you don’t know , you should ! After another superb piece by Dilermando Reis, Se Ela Perguntar comes an arrangement by the late and much – missed Roland Dyens of Jobim’s unforgettable Felicidade, and if any of you wonder if such an arrangement might not be too difficult, think again, because Roland Dyens’ arrangements are fabulous, so well considered, and absolutely not for anyone who doesn’t have a wonderful technique in every respect. Another wonderful guitar composer was Annibal Augusto Sardinha, otherwise known as Garoto (the kid) .His many works are uniquely harmonised with jazz elements as well as being totally Latin based. His Jorge de Fusa is a beautiful example of his writing and there are plenty more where that came from if you like what you hear. The final two tracks have the assistance of Ricardo Moyano on 2nd guitar and a wonderful close they are to what is a most enjoyable, beautifully recorded and exceptionally well performed recital of some wonderful Latin works that any lovers of this style will get a great deal from, even if you don’t actually know the individual pieces. Lovely!

Chris Dumigan

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