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Patrick Roux : Les Scenes Panoramiques :CD : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Les Scenes Panoramiques

Patrick Roux plays his own compositions

Les Productions D’Oz: DZ 2950 CD

Reviewed 17th July 2019

The publisher D’Oz, apart from producing a huge amount of sheet music, also has their composers , on occasion, producing CDs of their own music .Such is the case here. French – born Roux has more than sixty pieces in print with D’oz, and eight of them are represented here, all available of course in print from the same publishers.

Par Vents et Marees begins with gently clashing notes spread into arpeggios before a melody enters above with a sad atmosphere, still written in ever changing and fast paced patterns. The tensions increase gradually throughout this extended piece, climaxing in multiple rasgueado. The following Entre Deux Rives describes a boat’s pitching motions on the water and quickly evolves into an engrossing, and beautiful piece full of unexpected harmonies that remain tonal, yet are never hackneyed in their figurations. Milonga Del Mar is a simpler, yet just as lovely a piece, with a hauntingly sad melody over undulating arpeggios. Valle De La Luna, named after an imposing area of Northern Chile is in two sections opening with the dramatic Contemplation, which describes the enormity of the size and beauty of the valley, followed by Desert d’Atacama, which takes us along the winding roads on an epic journey through its majesty. At thirteen plus minutes this set has a really gripping emotive appeal. Aurore Boreale is slow at first then builds in complexity and emotion. The final three works are every bit as interesting and intense in their musical journeys, and show us that Roux’s music is well worth getting to know.

Chris Dumigan

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