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Peter Madlem : Monte Carlo for 2 guitars : Doberman – Yppan

Peter Madlem

Doberman – Yppan: score and separate parts (10, 6 and 5 pages respectively)

This piece was originally written by this American composer for John Williams and Joe Pass (one of 11 compositions), but when Joe Pass died the composer revised the work for 2 classical guitars, which is as it is presented here. John Williams together with Timothy Kain, did record the work on their The Mantis and The Moon album of 2015.

As it now stands the piece , the piece is marked Latin Jazz at the top of the page, which is exactly how the music turns out, full of off – beat rhythms , lots of Latin – styled moments and a number of interesting jazz like harmonies. For the players, this piece is not easy by any stretch, as you have to be frequently on your toes, keeping up with the constantly changing positions, and rhythms and harmonies. Also the melody changes from one player to the other almost consistently through the piece, also adding to the difficulty factor.

The music itself is happy, friendly, and plenty of fun for players and audiences alike and is a piece that is destined to be popular with guitar duos.

Chris Dumigan

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