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Richard A. Vaughan : Love Song : Bergmann

Richard A. Vaughan

Bergmann Edition: 3 pages

This little piece, set in D with a dropped D 6th is a beautiful, and moving little work, only 67 bars long, but very warm and radiating love all the way through. Written ‘For Jo’ who I assume to be his lady, the opening theme starts in the treble with nicely placed notes on top of slow and haunting passagework and with everything to be played legato and as much emotion as you can put into it. This is not more than moderate in its difficulty, and there are no notes shorter than crotchets in the entire piece. After the initial play of the theme, it repeats with some nice variation in both melody and harmonies that then momentarily becomes a little middle section. After a pause on some harmonics the melody returns this time in the bass with lovely chord and passage work above .Then a brief new idea that sounds somewhat like a variation of the original idea takes over and the haunting coda brings the work into a lovely close. I can see this piece being used in a concert, and especially as a little encore, to send everyone home with a warm, cuddly feeling. I thought that this was a marvelous piece of writing that will be enjoyed by many, and I bet Jo is delighted with the piece being written about her!

Chris Dumigan

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