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Roland Chadwick : A Fantastical Fiesta of 1st Grade Fireworks (20 original Compositions ) :Bergmann

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Roland Chadwick

Bergmann Edition: Both 13 pages

All guitar teachers I am sure have come across the pupil who turns around and doesn’t want to play easy Sor, or any of the 19th Century material that is easy enough for them to actually try. Yes, there are a small number of other material that you can try , and I’ve done used them myself over the years, but here comes Roland Chadwick with 20 easy , but interesting, melodic and rhythmically diverse pieces , that should keep any of your pupils happy , who don’t want to play Sor.

AS the Preface states, your pupils probably won’t like all of them, as indeed the player that Roland Chadwick wrote them all for, didn’t, but there is enough variety here to satisfy any disgruntled pupil you might have!

The greater majority of them are in two voices (The odd one is a three voices piece in a few small places), fifth fret top A is as far as the material stretches to, and the keys are very friendly without too many excursions into multiple sharps and/or flats. Indeed quite a few of the pieces have a lovely modal quality to them, and sound like a folk song that you haven’t heard before.

I definitely intend to show them any pupils who might appreciate them, and I think there are a vast number of teachers out there who might also consider doing the same

Chris Dumigan

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