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Sergej Kirillov : Classical Guitar : CD

MERLIN: Evacacion: KIRILLOV: For My Father; Irish Style; Night in Stockholm; Beautiful Day; For My Friends: EMMANUEL : Those Who Wait; Angelina: KOZLOVSKY: Shark: WILLIAMS: Classical Gas: VILLA LOBOS Prelude No1; Danza Brasiliera Choro: MYERS: Cavatina: MOREL: Danza Braziliero: ALBINONI Adagio: PENA: Herencia Latina; El Nuevo Dia: CATALAN FOLK SONG: El Noy de la Mare

Sergej Kirillov

Private recording: Possibly only available from the artist

This is nothing if not a varied programme! How many players do you know that play Tommy Emmanuel, Paco Pena, Jorge Morel, as well as a smattering of popular pieces, such as Cavatina, Villa Lobos; Prelude No1, and Albinoni’s Adagio, as well as writing wonderful pieces of your own? Not many, that’s for sure!

Having spent a lot of time as a street musician in Sweden , he has obviously acquired a very entertaining set of pieces, which he plays fabulously well, as good as any almost concert performer you may have seen, and so he mixes the relatively unknown (the Merlin, the Kozlovsky,) together with the more popular stuff for the passersby. Those Who Wait, the first Tommy Emmanuel piece, is a great piece of writing, and fits so well onto classical. Kozlovsky’s Shark is a rolling swing rhythmed piece not the harsh, dissonant loud piece I was expecting from the title! Mason William’s famous Classical Gas is one of those pieces that many people have made their own solo version of to play at various events, I know I have. Kirillov has made it a little more inventive in a few places and not stuck entirely to the original recording, but it sounds very good in his new version. The Danza Brasiliera Choro turns out to be the Choro No1, with a few variants, our guitarist has either added to the piece or has misread the original, and therefore the lowest point of the recital is the two Villa – Lobos works that I didn’t take to, but then again, anyone buying this CD will probably have (as I do) about 26 other versions of both these works in some recital or other, so it probably isn’t such an important point to dwell on! The player’s original works are really pleasant, melodic and sound really well in this CD. The wonderful Morel’s work this will be one of the highlights for anyone, as the man really couldn’t compose anything boring or ordinary and this Danza Braziliero is no exception. Angelina, the other Tommy Emmanuel piece is equally captivating, so well written and fitting so well under the player’s hands as do the two Paco Pena pieces, which might have been written to play on a Flamenco guitar, but they sound brilliant on the classical .Finally the beautiful El Noy De La Mare is a marvelous closing track to what is (apart from the two Villa Lobos ) a beautiful CD packed full of unexpected tracks, and I hope that you can access it, should you want to try.

Chris Dumigan

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