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Stefan Wester :Northern Lights : Bergmann

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Stefan Wester

Bergmann Edition: 7 pages

This Swedish Guitarist / composer has produced a study – like piece of continuous patterns of semi – quavers that are in constant change with a melody at the top that needs bringing out but is rhythmically quite diverse. It needs a 6 string tuned to D, although the music has omitted to say that at the beginning.

Although it is marked Allegretto, it is in constant flow and really needs a good player to get the most out of it. All the arpeggiated patterns are marked to be allowed to ring on, and as a result the guitarist has to be very smooth with his fingering changes throughout. Keys change from the opening G#m , to A , to Am, than back to A before a Dal Segno returns us to the Am portion once more leading to a coda and a semi- quaver quintuplet run up the fingerboard, and a chord partially made up of harmonics.

This is a very interesting piece, involving, and there is a lovely performance on YouTube by the composer too. Worth looking into!

Chris Dumigan

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