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Thierry Tisserand : Vintage for four guitars

Thierry Tisserand

Les Productions D’Oz: score and separate parts: (10, 3, 3, 3, and 3 pages respectively)

As anyone who knows, that have read my reviews before in Classical Guitar, one of my very favourite composers for the guitar is Thierry Tisserand. I have come across literally dozens of his works, and have yet to see anything less than fabulous!

And so is the case here! This one movement beauty is set in D, and is to have its straight quavers swung, as in a triplet where the first two are a crotchet, followed by the third, as a quaver. I must be honest and say that I do prefer seeing the swing rhythm actually written out on the page, because having taught many people, and having come across this style before, they do find it confusing to have a score where it sounds different to how it actually looks on the page! That however is my only criticism. The piece begins with some bouncy chords, with lots of Major 7th , and added 9th sounds , split over three players underpinned by an off – beat drone D note. The tune that then enters is catchy and immediate in its attractive qualities whilst underneath the other guitars have plenty of interesting harmonies and part – writing to keep them busy. Also the writing though melodic and dance-like throughout is never repetitive, as each time a melody recurs, Tisserand gives it a new lease of life, just to keep the players interested and on their toes!

This is definitely not easy to play, so beginners are not going to get very far with it (unfortunately) but any reasonable players will love this work for its fun element and it will no doubt go really well in concerts.

Chris Dumigan

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