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Nadia Daniels, Arranged by Steve Marsh::Thoughts of You (Once Upon a Christmas):Lathkill

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Thoughts of You (Once Upon a Christmas)

Nadia Daniels (arranged for two guitars by Steve Marsh)

Lathkill Music: Score and separate parts (4, 2, and 2 pages respectively)

Reviewed 30th May 2018

This piano solo original was written as a Christmas present for Steve by his wife Nadia. Having never seen the piano score I can only say that it sounds like an original guitar duet, and not at all ‘arranged’, but this of course says much about Steve Marsh’s skills as much as anything.

With both guitars set to dropped D 6th, the piece is open, warm and friendly and has almost a berceuse feeling about it at the opening with the melody high on guitar one and arpeggiated chords and a bassline on guitar two. Gradually the melody climbs up to the 17th fret after which more parts enter and the two players harmonize on an emotive 2nd melody, upon which the 2nd guitar takes over the initial melody and octave down, whilst guitar one takes over the accompaniment. After a brief climax again on a top A the music settles down and a brief foray into artificial harmonics on guitar one leads to the coda where the opening phrase turns into a final statement, with a gently dissonant D Major 7 chord to finish.

It is a short but emotional piece that deserves to be heard and played , and two moderately good players are all that is needed, as none of the writing is demanding , just a legato touch and an ability to bring out a good melody .This would make a great recital piece, or even an encore piece to close a set.

Chris Dumigan

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