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Torsten Ratzkowski : Six Studies for guitar : Bergmann

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Torsten Ratzkowski

Bergmann Edition: 13 pages

Another book from this German player/composer is also a set of Studies, but this time the intention of the set was to make them all as musically diverse and interesting as musically possible whilst still being a set of technical exercises that would improve the player’s technique.

The first one, called Dreaming is a chord based piece, with a slow moving melody underpinned by long held chords.

No2, called Study is by contrast very speedy, full of triplet semi-quavers that for most of the timer are made up of four note arpeggios, albeit, often slightly unusual, and often involving open strings in the middle too. This one really does need careful attention, as you almost don’t have time to think before you’re playing the next arpeggio – based chord.

No3, Prelude is again based on arpeggiated chords with open strings lying in the middle for a harp- like effect, with long held notes at the start of nearly every bar whilst playing the chords.

No4 Studie is an entirely different pattern and key to the previous, but following the same idea of a complex arpeggio involving open strings in the middle of stopped notes.

No5, Idyll is by far the longest of the set and is also continuing the same ideas as the previous ones.

No6, Studie is the quirkiest of the set and jumps and bounces around non- stop, still following the same idea as the previous ones, and providing lots of enjoyment to the player whilst it is in progress.

I thoroughly enjoyed this set. They aren’t easy by any stretch but they really do entertain, whilst they are teaching you, and so I can only say that this set is definitely worth getting to know.

Chris Dumigan

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