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Two works by Adrian Andrei : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Two works by Adrian Andrei

a) Prelude of Tears :4 pages

b) Suite de Timoc : 12 pages

Both published by D’Oz

Reviewed 15th January 2018

Romanian born Andrei has produced some fascinating work over the years, often tinged with his own personal style of harmony, with a hefty dose of his county’s modal folk style mixed in.

The Prelude of Tears is a flowing doloroso melody that swoops and glides over some unexpected harmonies generally in three voices. Times change between 2/4, 3 /4, and 4/4 for the most part and yet all fit in naturally without effort. Positions up to fret 12 are in constant use and yet the mournful music is not too difficult for the intermediate player.

The Suite de Timoc, named after an ethnic Romanian community in Timoc, is full of delightful folk dances and harmonies, similar in style a little to Bartok’s For Children, folk melodies that he collected from these areas, and transformed into piano works. There are five movements ranging from the dancing ‘Mes Chers Yeux Noirs’ full of modal leaps and jumps to the sad Mon Coeur Veut Plus, a beautiful two voiced piece. Jeux Roumain bounds around and is lots of fun, whilst the Danse Rituelle de Pentecote is full of clashing seconds over a drone bass D. The set finishes with the friendly Chanson Apres le Diner.

Not too hard to play this little suite is very satisfying to play and is also not too difficult, should you be interested in this fascinating composer’s individual musical style.

Chris Dumigan

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