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Two works from Celil Refik Kaya :DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Two works from Celil Refik Kaya

a)Three Venezuelan Waltzes : 8 Pages

b) Prelude No1: 4 pages

Both published by D’Oz

Reviewed 9th September 2018

Having seen a few of this Turkish composer’s pieces I looked forward to seeing more as they are well – crafted, interesting and always offer something a little different.

The Three Venezuelan Waltzes are homage to Antonio Lauro, and to be honest, if you were told they were Lauro originals that had just been discovered, you would believe them, so well has the composer caught Lauro’s style of writing. As with all music of this sort, there is the constant change between 6/8 and 3/4.

No 1 is marked Allegrissimo, is in E minor and follows the pattern of a constantly moving melody and harmony work in mostly eighth notes, grouped in either twos or threes with longer

bass notes. No2 is a Presto in a Major and is harmonized more in chords, whilst the final No.3 is an Allegro D minor with a dropped D sixth, a winning melody and plenty of leaps and bounds around the fingerboard most successfully.

The Prelude No1 is an Adagio in three voices and tries not to be repetitive by using melodic lines and chords grouped next to one another in often unexpected combinations. This makes the music very interesting to play but also rather difficult to do smoothly in a number of places. Moreover there are one or two long notes that are impossible to hold onto. That said this is an involving and emotional piece of writing that has a lot to say, but only for advanced players.

Chris Dumigan

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