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Two works from Jean – Marie Raymond : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Two works from Jean – Marie Raymond

a) Snow Sonata : 15 pages

b) Memories of Tateshina : 8 pages

Both published by D’Oz

Reviewed 23rd January 2018

Raymond is known for his tuneful, emotive and very playable works and S’OZ has produced two more here

The first is in three movements but is more a suite than a sonata, as it doesn’t fit into Sonata form at all. In fact each of the movements is a little snow scene in itself, beginning with Dream in The Rocky Mountains, a piece largely concerned with arpeggio patterns split into three voices with the top melody almost a Milonga rhythm. Ballad on a Sled has plenty of punch with a very rhythmic start that soon turns into another Milonga section before becoming a lengthy tremolo. After this there is a varied repeat of the previous melodies and a quiet close. A solemn AdagioWhite Landscape finishes the work which, after a very still opening turns into, in the composer’s words, a sentimental waltz. This is a pleasant work of only moderate difficulty.

The second work is a fair bit more involved musically and harder as a result, as there are a number of wide stretches and sudden moves into higher positions that are not as easy to cope with. The opening Adagietto has a number of speed changes and moves from G major to minor along the way as well. There is a pleasantly memorable melody and some nicely warm harmonies in this sad little piece to keep everyone interested.

As usual, Raymond’s works are fun to play, and in a very romantic style, that many will find great pleasure in.

Chris Dumigan

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