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Two works from Maximo Diego Pujol : DOz : Lemoine

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Two works from Maximo Diego Pujol

a) Lejos de Casa : D’Oz : 7 pages

b) Sonata : Lemoine : 16 pages

Reviewed 22nd January 2018

Pujol is one of the giants of the contemporary classical guitar world, and so a work from him is always an event, but two is really special.

Lejos de Casa (Far from Home) is an E major Andante Malincolico .Like so many of Pujol’s works, it has a special flow that marks it out from many other writers and a depth of feeling that makes it constantly involving. The main theme is beautiful and memorable and yet his use of just the right string in the right place, often using string crossing in the manner of a harp, makes it especially interesting to play. The melody and harmonies stretch across the entire fingerboard with a natural flow , taking the player up to fret fourteen and down again and there are several sections that flow seamlessly from one to another, making this a lovely piece to play that is moderately difficult only .

The Sonata is a three – movement work beginning with an Allegro (A Pleno Sol - Full Sun), which moves between three and four beats to the bar with plenty of syncopations and block chords over a repeated bass note, to an Andante that is contrastingly emotive and arpeggio driven. Movement two is a beautiful Andante (Final de Jornada – End of the Day) full of rocking arpeggios split into three voices, and No 3 is a rollicking Presto Finale in 7/8.

Altogether both these works are well worth playing and fine examples of Pujol at his very best

Chris Dumigan

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