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Victor Villadangos  : 5 Preludios : CD

VILLA – LOBOS : 5 Preludios : CARLEVARO: 5 Preludios Americanos: PUJOL: 5 Preludios ;(Preludio Rockero; Preludio Triston; Tristango En Vos; Curda Tangueada; Candombe En Mi.)

Self – released by artist.


Well – known and well –revered guitarist Victor Villadangos has put together off his own volition a home – produced CD of 3 sets of 5 Preludios by three of our most revered composers, Heitor Villa – Lobos, Maximo Diego Pujol, and Abel Carlevaro.

As you might expect the playing is superb and certainly in the very well – known Villa – Lobos our performer takes no prisoners in the faster portions of this set, not that he makes too much of it, far from it, but he really doesn’t slow down at all when asked to really keep the speed going. Moreover it amazing just how every performer manages to make certain portions of the Villa – Lobos quite different from each other .The Abel Carlevaro set is a lovely group of pieces that I have loved playing for decades, and I still think that not as many players know this set of pieces as much as perhaps they should, for they sound so unique, and yet are constantly interesting and musically invigorating to play and hear. Of course our performer makes a fine job of these as well.

The final set of five, by Maximo Diego Pujol, are probably the least well – known, and are a little more modern in their approach, but they still have many areas of lovely writing and beautiful playing, from the emotive Preludio Triston to the racy Candombe en Mi that closes the set.

Altogether this is a well-produced album nicely and clearly recorded and, of course, superbly performed, so if the repertoire appeals to you enough, you should go and search it out!


Chris Dumigan

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