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Vladimir Karlash : Microcosmos of a guitar

Vladimir Karlash

71 pages: Contact details :

This Ukrainian guitarist has been playing, composing and performing for many years now, and here he has put together a vast tome of 21 pieces from his archive, 20 solos and one final piece for violin and guitar.

Just a glance at some of his work will tell you how proficient a player and writer he is, and so the entire set of pieces must be approached by a very good player to get the best out of them. The actual musical variety is immense from a humorous four – movement suite Zoological Garden, comprising of Dance of Deers, Monkeys, Pony and Penguin Waltz, where the 2nd and 4th movements have some wonderful characterful ideas, and the 1st and 3rd are more emotive and with some lovely harmonies and melody work, to an arpeggio driven Fountains, where the notes deliberately clash and cross over one another to create the water effect. There is a gloomy piece called The Lonely Friar, where the harmonies are surprising and where you really have to be a good reader to get around some of the very individual sounds here, and then one finds 3 large Fugues which are in a completely different sound world altogether.

There is a Waltz a Nocturne, two Tangoes, a Milonga, a Concert Etude, and many more besides, in fact enough to keep even a decent player busy for a long time, and if you like your music adventurous, but still tonal, with plenty of variety, then this large collection of pieces will really suit you fine!

Chris Dumigan

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