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Yvonne Bloor : Evocation ; Collected Guitar Works Vol2 : DOz

Yvonne Bloor

Les Productions D’Oz: 20 pages

Further to my other review of a book of Yvonne’s works (see Promise , below) here is the second book of her pieces, and this is every bit as satisfying and interesting as the other book. There is not a boring, or ordinary piece in this volume either. They are all stunningly good, very musical, great melodies, lovely harmonies, and interesting to actually get your fingers around.

Here we have Evocation, a tremolo piece that actually has a melody that doesn’t completely stick to one not in the treble for too long, and is a clever piece to play, and great to boost your tremolo technique with. Then we find 3 Diversions, subtitled Hope Sets Sail, Sea Dream, and New Dawn that are probably my favourite pieces in the book. They have such an airy, open – spaced type of feel, that when you play them, they really do feel as if you are describing the outdoors. Then we have Answer Me that is in a slightly different mood to the others, being a waltz in rhythm, and having plenty of moving parts that at times sound almost argumentative, as if the player really is having a set to with their partner. Again, this is a most cleverly written piece. There is a Prelude next, with arpeggiated chords voiced at times in a slightly unusual way, so that you have to read the fingerings carefully, and this is followed by the final Dance that really moves, racing around the fingerboard in an optimistic way that is certainly not easy to do, but the end result is worth the effort.

This, and its companion book, Promise, are two of the best books I have received in quite a long time. Nothing was boring, or predictable. They kept you engrossed the entire time, and all had wonderful melodies and loads of interesting details. Definitely they are ideal for lovers of great guitar music. More please!

Chris Dumigan

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