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Anibal Arias   :  La Guitarra Romantica Del Tango: CD

TRADITIONAL : Sur; Fuimos; Tu Piel de Jazmin ; Pablo ; Nieblas del Riachuelo ; A Homero ; Flores Negras ; Taquito Militar ; La Bordona ; Mala Junta ; Mimi Pinson ; A Pedro Maffia ; La Cumparsita ; Trenzas ; Nunca Tuvo Novio ; Vamos , Vamos , Zaino Viejo; Pampero ; Milonga Triste ; Del Bajo Fondo ; Pa Que Bailen Los Muchachos.

Anibal Arias

Epsa : 005702

Anibal Arias was an Argentinean – born player who had a phenomenal technique on his guitar, as this wonderfully recorded album aptly proves.

Many of these tracks will have titles that are known to many guitarists from other musical sources, but I doubt you will have seen or heard them the way Arias plays them here, because he puts in so much effortless detail around, above and underneath the melodies that they almost become entirely new pieces.

This 20 track album is full of succinct pieces, all just under or over 3 minutes in length, so there is no time to get bored, for indeed all the pieces are very varied even though in theory they should be very similar indeed. This is simply not the case.

It would be churlish to pick out individual; tracks because everything here is of such a high standard that the first thing that occurred to me , as a player, was whether I could get hold of any of the scores, because they sounded that good!

The recording is clear as a bell, the playing superb, and the music wonderful and entertaining from star to finish. Nothing more to be said !


Chris Dumigan


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