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Ozan Saritepe: Caserio la Candelaria : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Ozan Saritepe

Les Productions D’Oz: 7 pages

Saritepe hails from Turkey, and has already achieved quite a reputation as a brilliant player and here is another of his compositions, this time dedicated to Alirio Diaz, for its sub-title is ‘Merengue Venezolano’ As such this work is, as it should be, in 5/8, and at 153 crotchet beats a minute, where the music is almost completely written in quavers, it certainly doesn’t stand by necessity this piece is for the advanced players only amongst you.

Set in Am, it is in three voices for the most part, and immediately starts off high up the fingerboard on top F with an athletic middle voice and a low bass line set in (usually) 2 +3.It captures the Venezuelan style very well indeed, and you would perhaps believe it was by Diaz, if you weren’t told otherwise.

After the themes have appeared a couple of times each , there is D.S. al Fine and then a Coda that is based on the introduction, and which builds to an impressive climax, the very final portion involving some percussive right hand palm mutes. A final strum on a trio of altered Am chords finishes off this most exciting piece.

Lots of fun, and very tricky to play, this will nevertheless delight players and audiences alike and deserves to do really well.

Chris Dumigan

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