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Claudio Camisassa  : Mirando al Sur (5 trios for guitar) : DOz

Claudio Camisassa

Les Productions D’Oz: Score and separate Parts (16, 7, 5, and 10 pages respectively)

These five pieces for 3 guitars are all of moderate difficulty only, so any decent set of players would be able to cope with these. Camisassa is an Argentinean writer, who has been very successful and prolific as a guitar composer and so his pieces are always pleasant and fun to get your fingers around.

The opening piece Complices is a 80 crotchets a minute 4/4 piece in G Major that begins with an arpeggio accompaniment on guitar 3 .At bat 5 the second guitar enters with a single note line and at bar 9 guitar 1 comes in with a melody in 5th position that weaves in and out of the second part harmonising occasionally in sixths with it. The piece is tuneful and parts one and two are almost completely single note throughout.

The title piece is next and is exactly the same speed as No1, but is now in E minor and 4/4 time. This relatively short piece is largely again in single notes, although guitar 3 occasionally in two voices.

Parfum D’Automne (still 80 crotchets a minute) is another 4/4 E minor piece. The third guitar is again in two voices and has a number of hammer – ons  in the opening solo section, before the other players enter at bar 9 , using a number of natural harmonics in both parts. Again solo notes in the first two parts are very much the way this piece goes, with only the third players having two voices again

Milonga des Jeunes Filles then takes the speed up considerably to 132 crotchets a minute in a Common time Bm piece. As one might expect, the 3, 3, 2, rhythm of the Milonga begins the piece on guitar 3, again in two voices. With the other two players harmonising solo notes in a pleasant melody and harmony work

The final piece Pa’ Mis Muchachos is another Milonga in style with considerably more notes in all the parts, semi – quaver patterns being the style of this piece, and so this last melody is probably a little harder than the previous four, with guitar 3 still having the hardest part, and being almost entirely continuous semi – quavers throughout.

This little set is very melodic, pleasing to play and should provide lots of enjoyment for any decent trio of guitarists.


Chris Dumigan

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