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Danny Monzerol: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for classical guitar: CD

Breathe; Time; The Great Gig in the Sky; Money; Us and Them; Brain Damage; Eclipse.

Danny Monzerol

Universal: OCT 2 3638

Playing for a little over 40 minutes, which is within 2 minutes of the original Pink Floyd album, you quickly realise that this really is the entire album played on classical guitar, and immediately on the opening track Breathe, you understand how clever the arrangements are, and how fine a guitarist Monzerol is. This is where I would normally tell you a little about or player, but I literally could find nothing out about him!

Time continues in the same flowing, beautifully captured arrangement of the opening track. Rockier in feel Monzerol here manages to create just the correct sound for this track in the way that it makes you think that it could have been originally written for the classical guitar. It’s THAT clever!

The famous track such Money, and it’s very memorable riff come over really successfully, and constantly surprise the listener as to just how fitting the arrangement is. Monzerol is a fine player, there’s no doubt about it.

The entire album is wonderfully done, nicely recorded, very clear and the playing and arrangements are both exceptional. So anyone who already knows the original Pin Floyd album , could really get a lot from this very clever version, and for those who don’t know it at all, then this recording is simply full of beautiful pieces of music, that really work as guitar pieces.


Chris Dumigan

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