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Francisco Correa : Musica de la Tierrita: CD

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

DANIEL SABOYA: Suite Colombiana No1: GUIO: Como un Cristal: Nancy; Cacao: LUCAS SABOYA: Suite Ernestina

Francisco Correa

AM Records: AMD 005

The fascinating premise behind this CD by Colombian – born Correa, is that there is a large amount of unheard, unseen, but beautiful guitar music coming from his homeland, as very little of it has been recorded or professionally printed .

The opening Suite by Daniel Saboya has a lovely serious and reflective but haunting character to it. Just witness the opening Pasillo Uno (Aisle No1) with its rocking two chord motif behind that very sad melody, or the fast but nevertheless serious second movement Sanjuanerudo that sounds quite a handful! The third movement reverts to the opening movement for its reflective quality, and the beautiful harmonies of this movement, called Guabina para un Musica del Sur (Guabina for a Southern Musician) is beautifully played and made me want to see the score immediately! The final Un Viejo Fox (An Old Fox) is, like No2, a very fast complex race through some very individual, but attractive sounding harmonies. As the first set on this recording, this is a real find!

The three pieces by Juan C.Guio have a more immediate and Latin – flavoured set of harmonies than the previous suite. Como un Cristal has that dotted rhythm and gentle feel that one loves in Latin music. Nancy, by contrast is far more pacey and edgy than the previous, which must say something about the dedicatee, whoever she might be, whilst the warm and sadly voiced Cacao is another highlight.

The final Suite Ernestina by Lucas Saboya is in four movements, with Costurera (Seamstress) weaves in and out of harmonies constantly throughout its intriguing three and a half minutes. De Algun Modo (Somehow) is also full of constantly moving patterns and changing patterns and melodies, followed by Cancion de Cuna para Seis (Lullaby for Six) has lovely warm harmonies a delicate touch, and a beautiful melody at the top of the long spanned chords. The final Zamba Negra is jumpy, and full of fast runs in between the off – beat rhythms, and a top – notch closer to this top quality album with wonderful performances and a very clear recording. You are almost certain to know very little, if indeed anything on this CD and yet all the pieces are really worth getting to know. Let’s hope that sometime soon the sheet music for these lovely works will soon become available to the guitar –playing public, because I, for one, would love to see them!

Chris Dumigan

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