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Frederick Maggio : Amigo: DOz

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Frederick Maggio

Les Productions D’Oz: 4 pages

This piece, dedicated to one of the composer’s friends is in two basic sections , the first in Am and consisting of a long bass note followed by two groups of four semi – quavers with the last one of the first group tied over to the first note of the second. This pattern continues for almost all the first section, but reaching all the way up to fret 12 of string one .Then the music moves into A Major for a new look at the patterns in this new key before suddenly turning back into A minor for anew section involving a very Latin inspired rhythm of three note chords above longer bass notes, and some off –beat rhythms as well.

Then a D.C al Coda takes us back to the opening section for a final run through it before this time winding down the speed and a close on A Major 6th chord.

Like so many of this composer’s works that I have seen, this piece could double as a study too, because it does constantly have a technical background throughout, that is a useful tool for anyone wanting to improve various parts of their technique. So, in essence this is a useful piece that also is a pleasant one at the same time.

Chris Dumigan

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