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Frederik Munk Larsen : Floating Islands : CD

AXEL BORUP - JORGENSEN: "Floating Islands": Opus 169:5a; Tristrophoni: Opus 163:1; Praeambula: Opus 72; "Floating Islands": Opus 169:0; Morceaux: Opus 73 ; "Floating Islands": Opus 169:2; "Für Gitarre": Opus 86 ; "Floating Islands": Opus 169:5b.

Frederik Munk Larsen

Our Recordings : 6.200672

Axel Borup- Jorgensen (1924 – 2012) was a Danish composer , and a name I haven’t previously come across at all, and judging by the style of the music that he wrote, for me at least, that isn’t a bad thing.

Rarely have I come across music that is so atonal, so miserable in its sound, so bleak in every way that I find it exceedingly hard to believe that anyone would buy this CD to actually play the music on it. I apologise if anyone is offended by these comments but this music, to my ears has no saving grace at all, for every piece sounds like the one before, and moreover he appears to have gone out of his way to make sure that there are no major, or minor chords and no key signatures that you could find in any of them.

I’m sure the playing is really good, but apart from how clear the recording is and how good a musician Larsen is, I personally can find no reason at all why any listener would want to part with money to listen to this set of pieces. Not for me, but if this is your style of writing then it might be right up your street

Chris Dumigan

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