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Gennadiy Pilch  : Two Spanish Pieces : Bergmann

Gennadiy Pilch

Bergmann Edition: 12 pages


Ukrainian guitarist/composer Gennadiy Pilch is a new name to me, and here he has written two pieces in the Spanish style, both of moderate difficulty, and both lots of fun to play.

 The opening piece is Spanischer Walzer, , set in A Minor, with a middle section in the tonic major and runs around in a friendly fashion  with some nice passage work and two ( sometimes three)  voices of music that are constantly on the move, and an altogether nice piece to play

Its companion Spanischer Tanz has a number of bars of rasgueado chords as you might expect and again spends the rest of its time in 2, or 3 voices that always moving around the fingerboard.

Both these little pieces are interesting and certainly a pair that many players will enjoy getting their hands around, and so I can say that this little duo is one worth looking out for.


Chris Dumigan

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