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Hubert Kappel : The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique:AMA Verlag

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Hubert Kappel

AMA Verlag: 245 pages

Hubert Kappel is of course a well – respected guitarist /musician with a wonderful history of all things guitar – related already behind him, but here is a detailed volume of all things relating to playing, the techniques, and filled with a vast amount of graduated exercises that vary from quite easy to very complex and stem from a series of lectures that he gave after which he realized that many books available don’t cover the huge advancement of technique that has occurred in the guitar world over the last 3 decades and so this book deals with this

The book is divided into three sections, the first being a theoretical one that gives the player exactly how to develop a practicing structure that works, and goes into great detail with regards to posture, how the hands and arms work and then covers tone production. The second section is practical and covers comprehensive practicing material and very useful didactical explanations, and basically covers just about every possible technique for the modern classical guitar .The third and final section is theoretical and covers tuning, fingerings, memorizing (also including mental training ) and finally technical guides to practising. The main body of the book is part two and the exercises that cover 150 + pages full of extremely useful ways to improve the players technique.

This is one of the best books of this nature that I have ever seen, but then again, knowing the history of Hubert Kappel, I am not really surprised, as I would not have expected anything less! As such this is a volume to treasure and to constantly have your hands on, as it would prove to be a useful addition to any guitarist’s library.

Chris Dumigan

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