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Jean – Michel Coquery : Portraits Musicaux Vol2 : DOz

Jean – Michel Coquery

Les Productions D’Oz: 7 pages

This 2nd volume ( I have never seen Volume 1, incidentally) consists of 3 short pieces all apparently named after people that our composer knows, although there is nothing in the Preface to explain anything about who they are, and what the pieces are trying to tell us, which might have been interesting to say the least.

The first piece Christian (Professor Peronne) is a quirky little piece mostly in two voices, the lower one tending to saty on the crotchet beat while the top one, the melody tends to flit around off the beat and dance all over the place. This is a nice piece that for a while caught me out technically because , largely due to the absence of fingering , I found myself wondering at times exactly where the notes were to go,to attain the smoothness of the melody line , so a bit of help might have been beneficial. An interesting piece though.

Piece No2 Daria (Dougina) is a Con Anima 4/4 in Bm and again has places where some fingerings and string locations might have been helpful. The harmonic work is often unexpected, but always tonal and pleasant, and the music is again always on the move and liable to catch out the unprepared player.

The final piece Yoyo (Lionel Ciornei) can be found on YouTube, played by the composer, and is an Am piece that move s quite fast and again has two voices with a number of places that the player does not expect, and so care has to be taken .However this again is a pleasant and fun piece to play, as are the other two previous ones.

You need to be a decent player for these, but there is little here that is run of the mill, and so any player who likes the sound of these pieces, will probably get a lot of fun from them.

Chris Dumigan

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